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Experimental test of macroscopic realism problem using a superconducting flux qubit

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Stable Molecular State of Photons and Artificial Atom Discovered

- New state may contribute to the development of quantum technologies based on light-matter interaction -

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World-record accuracy of gigahertz high-speed single-electron transfer

— An important step toward a high-accuracy current standard —

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Hundredfold noise reduction in microwave and millimeter-wave signal generators with a laser source "optical ruler"

- Toward high-speed and large-capacity wireless telecommunications with high-accuracy microwave and millimeter waves -

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Large-scale artificial spin network realized using long-distance optical fiber cavity

-An important step toward photonic computation that solves intractable mathematical problems-

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A new scheme for manipulating the color of single photons

 -Lossless wavelength conversion of single photons in an optical fiber-

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Long-distance transport of electron spins for spin-based logic devices

- Enhancement of spin lifetime with application of an external electric field -

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Uncrackable quantum cryptography over 'doubled' distances

- Making it possible in the near future to link metropolises within an 800 km radius in an all-photonic way without quantum repeaters -

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Demonstration of quantum cryptography without error rate monitoring

 - New scheme based on the "wave function collapse" verified experimentally -

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Graphene p-n junction as an electronic beam splitter

 - Key component of electron quantum optics using graphene -

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Programmable linear optical circuit realized on a chip

— A multifunctional optical device for quantum information experiments using photons —

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Against a dogma, quantum repeaters for long-distance quantum communication are made all photonic.

- Rendering the quantum internet an ultimate challenge for the future photonic network -

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Improving the lifetime of an electron spin in diamond for quantum sensing technology

: Enhancing the sensitivity by an order of magnitude

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Inner-shell electron motion monitored by ultrafast strobe light source

~Characterizing inner-shell electron using isolated attosecond pulse~

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High-speed single-electron transfer toward high-accuracy current standards

- Transfer of electrons one by one via a charge trap in silicon transistors -

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Nano-profiling of frozen electrons in a semiconductor device

- Probing the microscopic structure of electron solids using magnetic resonance -

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Semiconductor quantum dots with single-atom precision

- Electron confinement to nanostructures of atomic building blocks with exact fidelity -

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First demonstration of "electrically controlled phonon propagation"

- Dynamic phononic crystal realized with MEMS technology -

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Over-100-bit Integrated Optical Memories Realized

- Big progress toward ICT with low power consumption -

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New approach to the realization of a long-lived quantum memory for quantum computation

: Observation of a hidden state in a superconductor diamond quantum hybrid system

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