List of Visitorfs Talks (Fiscal 2004)

l. Materials Science

Date Speaker Affiliation

May 17 Mr. Atsushi Nishikawa The University of Tokyo
gFabrication of GaInNAsQuantum Dots by MBE and Its Optical Characterizationh
June 1 Prof. I.S.T. Tsong Arizona State University, USA
gNucleation and growth of epitaxial ZrB2(0001) on Si(111) for III-nitride applicationsh
June 11 Dr. Jingyue Liu Monsanto Company, USA
gElectron Microscopy of Atoms and Clustersh
June 18 Dr. Jun Nakamura The University of Electrto-Communications
gDielectric characteristic evaluation of ultra-thin film by first-principle calculationh
July 6 Dr. Sonia A. Contera University of Oxford, UK
gPulling an alpha-helix peptide out of a lipid bilayer with an AFMh
Nov. 15 Prof. Daoben Zhu Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
gRecent Advance on Molecular Materials in
the Organic Solid Laboratoryh
Nov. 15 Prof. Wenping Hu Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
gSelf Assembly Devicesh
Nov. 22 Prof. Esko I. Kauppinen Helsinki University of Techology, Finland
gNanoparticle Technology Center for New Materials (CNM)h
Feb. 17 Prof. Clive Bramham University of Bergen, Norway
gMolecular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity in vivo: BDNF as a trigger for synaptic consolidationh
Feb. 22 Prof. Mervyn Miles University of Bristol, UK
gReal-time imaging of materials using fast scan AFMh
Feb. 22 Prof. Daniel Robert University of Bristol, UK
gMechano receptor involvement in nanoscale sensing capability of insect antennaeh
Mar. 10 Prof. Kenshi Hayashi Kyushu University
gMulti-purpose electrochemical sensor detecting molecular adsorptionh