List of Visitorfs Talks (Fiscal 2004)

‡U. Physical Science

Date Speaker Affiliation

Apr. 7 Prof. T. Claeson Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
gTransport in single molecules: influence of distinctly different charged states of the conjugate molecule and of the image charge in the electrodesh
Apr. 15 Prof. Yosuke Kayanuma Osaka Prefecture University
gNonadiabatic Electron Manipulation in a Quantum-Dots Array and Some Related Topicsh
Apr. 28 Prof. Fujio Shimizu University of Electro-Communications
gHow to pursue atomic quantum computerh
May 19 Prof. Kees Harmans Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
gQuantum dynamics of persistent current Qubitsh
May 25 Dr. Gunther Lientschnig Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
gElectrical Transport through Moleculesh
July 16 Dr. Cary Y. Yang Santa Clara University, USA
gCarbon Nanotubes as On-chip Interconnectsh
Sep. 7 Dr. Evgeni Ilichev Jena University, Germany
gRadio-frequency method for investigation of quantum properties of superconducting structuresh
Sep. 10 Dr. P. V. Santos Paul Drude Institute, Germany
gControlling photons,electrons, and spins in GaAs using acoustic wavesh
Sep. 14 Prof. R. A. Hogg University of Sheffield, UK
gLow Threshold 1.31um QD laser Diodes on GaAsh
Sep. 16 Prof. Hideo Kosaka Tohoku University
gQbits Conversion from Polarization of Photons to Electron Spinh
Oct. 6 Prof. Hideo Kosaka Niigata University
gA new development of neuclear magnetic resonance (NMR): Coherence of neuclear spins in semiconductorsh
Oct. 6 Prof. Susumu Ssaki Bavarian Academy of Sciences, Germany
gResearch activity in Solid state based quantum information, within the Cooperative Research Center 6317h
Oct. 14 Dr. Ch. vom Hagen Universitat Heidelberg, Germany
gTowards a Degenerate Fermi Gas on an Atom Chiph
Nov. 2 Prof. A.D. Zaikin Universitat Karlsruhe, Germany
gInteraction-induced low temperature decoherence of electrons in disordered conductors: Theory and Experimenth
Nov. 18 Prof. Eugene S. Polzik Copenhagen University, Denmark
gQuantum memory for light: can complementary variables be remembered?h
Nov. 19 Prof. Gerhald Abstreiter Walter Schottky Institute, Germany
gOptoelectronic control of single charge, spin and photon in semiconductor quantum dots and its possible impact on future quantum information technologyh
Dec. 1 Prof. V. Y Prinz Russian Academy of Science, Russia
gPrecise semiconductor nanotubes,nanofibers and nanocorrugated quantum systemsh
Dec. 2 Prof. Pawel Hawrylak National Research Council of Canada, Canada
gDesigning quantum systems for nano-spintronics, nano-photonics and quantum information processingh
Dec. 3 Prof. A. J. Fisher University College London, UK
gDecoherence and quantum information processing in condensed matterh
Dec. 16 Prof. Miles.P.Blencowe Dartmouth College, USA
gMesoscopic Mechanicsh
Dec. 16 Prof. K. H. Ploog Paul Drude Institute, Germany
gNitrides seem to be good for everythingh
Dec. 22 Dr. Vladimir Bubanja Industrial Research, New Zeeland
gSingle Electron Metrologyh
Jan. 11 Dr. Pablo Jarillo-Herrero Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
gOrbital spectroscopy and Kondo effects in carbonnanotubesh
Jan. 19 Prof. Jung-Bum Choi Chungbuk National University, Korea
gSingle-Electronics: Beyond the Roadmap CMOS toward Quantum Computationh
Feb. 21 Dr. Alexander Khaetskii Russian Academy of Science, Russia
gSpin currents. Myth and reality.h
Feb. 25 Prof. Tetsuya Sato Keio University
gMagnetic Properties in Surfaces of Nano Particlesh
Feb. 25 Vittorio Peano
Michael Thorwart
Dusseldorf University, Germany
gOne-Dimensional Ultracold Atom Gases in a
Nanoscale Magnetic Waveguide formed by twoDoubly-Clamped Suspended Carbon NanoTubesh
Mar. 15 Prof. Bernhard Kramer Universtitaet Hamburg, Germany
gSpin blockade in quantum dotsh
Mar. 18 Prof. Jörg Schmiedmayer Universität Heidelberg, Germany
gMicro-manipulation of ultra cold atoms on Atom Chipsh
Mar. 22 Mr. Anton Ottl ETH Zurich, Switzerland
gObservation of Single Atoms in Degenerate Quantum Gasesh