List of Visitorfs Talks (Fiscal 2004)

‡V. Optical Science

Date Speaker Affiliation

Apr. 16 Prof. Keiichi Edagawa The University of Tokyo
gProperties of Quasi-crystals: Current State and Future Prospectsh
July 7 Dr. Xuedong Hu SUNY Buffalo, USA
gDynamical Nuclear Spin Polarization in a Semiconductor Double Quantum Dotsh
Aug. 19 Mr. Aaron Danner The University of Illinois, USA
gPhotonic Crystal VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser)h
Sep. 22 Prof. S. G. Tikhodeev General Physics Institute, Russia
gWaveguide-plasmon polaritons in photonic crystal slabs with metal nanowiresh
Nov. 11 Prof. A. Knorr TU Berlin, Germany
gSemiconductor Nano Optics: Perspective from the Theory of Light-Matter Interactions on Ultrashort Time and Length@Scalesh
Nov. 17 Prof. A. Knorr TU Berlin, Germany
gUltrafast Optics of Multiple-Quantum-Well Photonic Crystalsh
Jan. 7 Prof. Yshai Avishai Ben-Gurion University, Israel
gFano effect of a strongly interacting quantum dot in contact with superconductorh
Mar. 11 Prof. Ian Walmsley University of Oxford, UK
gThe Photon and the Vacuum Cleanerh