Science Plaza 2005Fall

 "Science Plaza 2005Fall" was held at NTT Atsugi R&D Center on Friday, October 28th, 2005. Entitled "Nanoscience Opens Up the Quantum World", the Science Plaza symposiums have been implemented with the aim of bringing together various people from inside and outside of NTT while gathering diverse opinions through discussions on our latest research accomplishments.
 At Science Plaza 2005Fall, following an opening address from the laboratory chief, Dr. Takayanagi, brief summaries of each exhibited poster were given in the form of short presentations. After lunch, symposium lectures were given by three distinguished technical members of NTT Basic Research Laboratories. The lecture topics and respective presenters were "Current status and outlook for diamond FETs as high-frequency power devises" by Makoto Kasu, "Micro/nanotechnology and quantum effects" by Koji Yamaguchi, and "Single-electron dynamics" by Toshimasa Fujisawa. Each lecture was well-attended and was followed by enthusiastic question-and-answer sessions.
 As regards the poster exhibits, 27 posters presenting our latest research accomplishments were displayed. While explaining the originality and impact―as well as the future prospects―of our research accomplishments in detail, these poster sessions generated pretty intense discussions on the research topics, and many meaningful opinions were received. At the video screening, promotion videos summarizing some typical research topics were shown in a short, easy-to-understand manner along with footage from some previously hosted international symposiums. This year’s "Lab tour"―an inspection of the research facilities at NTT BRL that has been highly appraised over the years―took in four destinations and was repeated a total of five times during the day. Care was taken to ensure that anybody wishing to attend the tour could do so. After all the lectures, presentations, and exhibitions were completed, a banquet was held in the research center’s dining room, becoming a place for the meaningful discussions during which the various guests could deep their mutual relations.
 More than 200 people from research institutes, universities, and general industries, as well as from NTT Group, attended Science Plaza 2005Fall, and thanks to the efforts of all those who attended, the conference could end on a high note. We would thus like sincerely express our gratitude to all the attendees.


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