3rd NTT-BRL School

 The third NTT-Basic Research Laboratories (BRL) school was held during the period of October 31-November 4, 2005, at the NTT Atsugi R&D Center. The aim of the NTT-BRL school is to foster young researchers in the field of physics field and to promote the international visibility of NTT BRL. This year the theme selected was "Noise and Decoherence in Quantum Systems", which is closely related to the research on quantum information processing that NTT BRL is now conducting intensively. Seven prestigious professors were invited to the school as lecturers. Thirty-four participants, mainly Ph. D students, gathered from seventeen countries.
 On the first day, after the director and the managers of NTT BRL presented an overview of NTT BRL, Prof. Boris Altshuler (Columbia University, USA) gave a lecture entitled "Introduction to Theory of Mesoscopic Systems". On the second day, there were two lectures, "Quantum Transport and Electron Dephasing in Diffusive Metal Wires" by Prof. Norman Birge (Michigan State University, USA) and "Decoherence in the Josephson Charge Qubits" by Dr. Oleg Astafiev (NEC, Japan), both including the recent topic of the experimental research. Following them, Prof. Yuri Galperin (University of Oslo, Norway) gave a talk on "Decoherence in Metallic Conductors and Mesoscopic Devices (theory)". In the morning of the third day, a laboratory tour was conducted so that the students could enjoy looking at the research facilities and activities at NTT BRL. After the afternoon lecture by Prof. Leonid Levitov (MIT, USA) "Quantum Noise and Counting Statistics", the poster session was held in the evening, where each student gave a presentation about his/her research at university.
 On the last two days, we had three lectures: "Quantum Shot Noise Probing Interactions and Magic Properties of the Fermi Sea" by Prof. Christian Glattli (ENS, France), "Mesoscopics in Quantum Dots" by Prof. Charles Marcus (Harvard University, USA), and "Transport in Arrays of Quantum Dots" by Prof. Valerii Vinokur (Argonne National Laboratories, USA). In the final talk, the director of NTT-BRL, Hideaki Takaynagi talked about "Readout of Superconducting flux quits". At the farewell party, best poster prizes were awarded to the students who gave prominent presentations. The students were able to network and build friendships while exchanging their contact addresses. NTT BRL will continue to provide these kinds of occasions to foster young researchers and build human networks in the field of physics.


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