Message from the Director

 We at NTT Basic Research Laboratories (BRL) are extremely grateful for your interest and support with respect to our research activities.
 BRL's missions are to promote progress in science and innovations in leading-edge technology to advance NTT's business. To achieve these missions, researchers in fields including physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, electronics, informatics, and medicine, conduct basic research on materials science, physical science and optical science.
 Our management principle is based on an "open door" policy. For example, we are collaborating with many universities and research institutes in Japan, US, Europe, and Asia as well as other NTT laboratories. We co-organize international conferences relating to quantum information and atom manipulation with other research institutions to disseminate our research output and to give NTT researchers including the younger ones the opportunity to share ideas with the foremost authorities and to learn from them.
 These activities enable us to realize our "open door" policy and our missions with respect to the promotion of advances in science and the development of groundbreaking technology for NTT's business. Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.

July, 2012


Toshiki Makimoto
NTT Basic Research Laboratories

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