(a) Ultracold atoms in a vacuum chamber. (b) Schematic diagram of Bose-Fermi mixtures in an optical lattice
that is a periodic potential created by the laser interference. (c) Pair occupancies obtained by both experiments
and numerical calculations considering ambiguity of experimental parameters.


Exploring Novel Quantum Phases of Bose-Fermi Mixtures Trapped in an Optical Lattice

Collaborating with the group at Kyoto University, we investigated the Bose-Fermi mixtures trapped in an optical lattice, and observed novel quantum phases induced by the interaction between bosons and fermions. We developed a numerical method for efficiently analyzing this system, and quantitatively reproduced the experimental observations done by the Kyoto University group. We further analyzed quantities that are difficult to be measured by the current experimental techniques. Based on these results, we determined what kind of quantum phases appear in this system, and finally clarified the appearance of the novel quantum phases. (Page 35)