*Narita Airport -- JR Line Narita Express (NEX) 80 min. to Shinjuku Stn.
*Shinjuku Stn. -- Chuo-highway bus about 2 hours to Fujiyoshida Stn.
*Fujiyoshida Stn. -- TAXI 10min. to Fuji Calm (Fuji seminar house)

The way from Shinjuku to Fuji calm

Shinjuku Station

Shinjuku Station
The sketch of the enclosure of the Shinjuku station

Shinjuku station west entrance
The way from the west entrance of Shinjuku station to the bus stop of Chuo-highway Bus

1) When you left the platform, please go to the square beside a police station.
2) Go straight, and turn left at the end of passage.
Keep going, and you can get to the west exit of JR Shinjuku station.
4) Please go out of the station.
5) Now you are standing at the west side of JR Shinjuku station.
6) Please walking toward the Yasuda Life Insurance 2nd building(Yasuda Seimei 2nd building).
7) You will find the ticket office of Chuo Highway Bus near the Yasuda Life Insurance 2nd building,
and please purchase a ticket for the bus goes to the eFuji Yoshida Stationf.

8) Please take a bus at the bus terminal near the ticket office.

Shinjuku Highway Bus Ticket Office

highway bus Timetable
Facilities number 1101 1131 1103 1133 1105 1107 1109 1111 1113 1115 1135 1117 1137 1119
Shinjuku highway bus terminal  07:10   08:10   09:10   10:10   11:10   12:10   13:10   14:10   15:10   16:10   17:10   18:10   19:10   20:10 
Fujiyoshida Station  09:02   10:02   11:02   12:02   13:02   14:02   15:02   16:02   17:02   18:02   19:02   20:02   21:02   22:02 

9) It takes about 2 hours to arrive at the Fuji Yoshida Station by highway bus.
Please get off the bus at the Fuji Yoshida station.

Fuji-kyuko Fujiyoshida Station

10) Please take a taxi at Fuji Yoshida station. It takes about 10 minutes to get to eFuji Seminar housef.