First announcement on
2nd NTT-BRL School in Fuji
The photograph of Fuji Seminar House
from Oct. 8, 2004 to Oct. 14, 2004

What's New!

  2nd NTT-BRL School has been successfully closed.
  Thank you very much for your attendance.

  The website of 3rd NTT-BRL School was opened.

Transport Properties
In Quantum Nanostructure

Main Program
Set of lectures on
"Theory of Quantum Dots(tentative)"
by Prof. Leonid Glazman, University of Minnesota, U.S.A.
"Electronic Properties of Semiconductor Nanostructures"
by Prof. Seigo Tarucha, University of Tokyo, Japan.

Other Programs
Set of lectures by
Prof. Rosario Fazio, Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy
Prof. Christian Schönenberger, University of Basel, Switzerland
Prof. Tsuneya Ando, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

(Listed below)

Other seminars and event
* Various seminars on related topics as well as fundamental physics and advanced technology
by some of NTT-BRL's members.
* Visit to NTT BRL at NTT R&D Center.

General information for participants
Participant: Ph.D students or master's course students who have studied the basic theory of quantum physics.
iJapanese students are acceptable. But all seminars are given in English.j
The number of participants is limited to 30. Applicants are required to fill out the application form.
Expenses: NTT will cover all travel expenses including air fare and domestic transportation as well as
cost for accommodation and meal.
Enquiry: Please contact Dr. Y. Kobayashi. E-mail:

Important Dates
Deadline for Participation Application June 18, 2004
Notice of Acceptance June 30, 2004

Call for Participants
Ph.D students or master's course students who have studied fundamental principles of quantum physics
can apply to this school.(Japanese students also can apply, but all seminars are given in English.)
The number of participants is limited to approx.30.
Applicants must fill out the application from. The deadline of application is June 18, 2004.

General Information
Fujiyoshida city in Yamanashi prefecture is located about 100km east of Tokyo,
famous for the gateway to the Japan's highest point, Mt. Fuji and the Five Lakes.
Official web site of Fujiyoshida city is

Getting to the Fuji Seminar House in Fujiyoshida
Participants are required to gather at the Fuji Seminar House in Fujiyoshida,
Yamanashi prefecture
by 18:00 pm on Oct. 8th and should register at a desk in the lobby of entrance.
Fuji seminar house

From Narita Airport-
NTT prepares shuttle bus service to take you to the Fuji Seminar house from Narita
airport on Oct. 8.Participants will meet at Narita airport 13:30 pm on Oct.8 to take the
shuttle bus leaving at 14:00 pm. Meeting place and the bus stop will be announced shortly.

* Those who want to come directly to Fuji , Please arrange your travel to arrive by 18:00 pm
and please ask us to reserve your seat for highway bus from Shinjuku Stn.

Click here
for the details.
 - In any case, please give us your schedule and consult the best way to arrive there.

Citizens of many countries can enter Japan without visas. Check with your travel agent.
Participants who require visas should allow plenty of time for their application to be processed.
If required, NTT's staff will help in procuring visas.
Poster Session
Poster sessions by all participants of 2nd NTT-BRL School have been scheduled
on October 9th, Saturday and October 10th, Sunday night.

Poster panels will be 1.75 m high and 0.85 m wide which means your poster can
occupy a full space of 1.75 m high by 0.85 m wide. Pins will be provided for fixing
posters on the panels. Posters should be fixed in the evening of each session day.

Each poster should begin with an introductory part, accessible to everybody and
able to motivate everybody.

Please use catchwords instead of long sentences. Each poster should end with a
conclusion or a summary of the results.
There is no printing equipment in Fuji seminar house. Therefore, you should prepare
your poster in your university or laboratory before joining the school.

By the end of this August, kindly let me know the title and the abstract (200 words)
in your poster presentation by e-mail
Excursion and Leisure

To be announced

Financial Support of Travel Expenses
Travel expenses, which include air fare between the nearest airport and Narita
airport and the cost of domestic transportation, will be reimbursed after the school.
The participants who use air line must submit the receipt.
Participants must use discounted tickets and need NTT's approval as to the price in advance.
The domestic transportation fee will be paid according to NTT's travel regulations.


Dr. Yasuyuki Kobayashi

Research Planning Section
NTT Basic Research Laboratories

3-1 Morinosato Wakamiya,
Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa 243-0198, Japan

Phone: +81 46 240 3311