Welcome International Symposium on Nanoscale Transport and Technology -ISNTT2009-

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Oral presentation schemes

The time allotted to each oral presentation is:

Both overhead projector and LCD projector will be available. Those who wish to use an LCD projector should bring their own computers. Just in case of trouble, all speakers are asked to bring a copy of their presentation file in a USB memory.

Poster presentation schemes

Poster session is scheduled on January 20th in the presentation room and on 21st in the lobby of the main Conference hall.

Boards, 90cm wide and 180cm high, will be available for poster presentation.
The title of the paper, the authors and their affiliations should be clearly displayed at the top of the board. A code number that appears in the conference program identifies the poster boards. Material for fixing the poster to the board (pins) will be provided. Please set up posters before the session begins and keep on display for full conference days.