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Keynote / Invited Speakers
Gerhard Abstreiter — TU München
"Semiconductor Hetero-Nanowires on Si for Photonic and Electronic Applications"
Per Delsing — Chalmers University of Technology
"Interaction between sound and a superconducting qubit"
Christian Glattli — CEA Saclay
"Levitons: clean time-resolved electrons for Electron Quantum Optics"
Yong P. Chen — Purdue University
"Quantum Transport of Spin-helical Dirac Fermions in Topological Insulators"
Andrew Dzurak — University of New South Wales
"Spin-based Quantum Computing in Silicon"
David Goldhaber-Gordon — Stanford University
"Precise Quantization of the Anomalous Hall Effect near Zero Magnetic Field"
Frank Hohls — PTB
"Validation of a single-electron based quantized current source"
Masaya Kataoka — NPL
"Electron quantum optics with hot single electrons"
Tobias Kippenberg — EPFL
Kensuke Kobayashi — Osaka university
"Universality of Nonequilibrium Behavior in Strongly Correlated Quantum Liquids"
Yuimaru Kubo — CEA-Saclay
Xiuling Li — University of Illinois
"III-V Planar Nanowire Growth and High Speed Electronics"
Marko Loncar — Harvard University
"Diamond Nanophotonics and Optomechanics"
Franco Nori — RIKEN
"Quantum spin Hall effect of light"
Akira Oiwa — Osaka University
"Photon-electron spin coupling via angular momentum conversion in a gate-defined GaAs double quantum dot"
Sahin Kaya Ozdemir — Washington University
"Parity-time symmetry and exceptional points in optics"
Gian Salis — IBM
"Locally resolved dynamics of spin-orbit coupled electron spins in GaAs quantum structures"
Mika A. Sillanpää — Aalto University
"Squeezing of quantum noise of motion in a micromechanical resonator"
Yutaka Tabuchi — The University of Tokyo
"Coherent coupling between a ferromagnetic magnon and a superconducting qubit"
Luyi Yang — National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Los Alamos
"Nanosecond spin relaxation and spin coherence of electrons in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides"
More speakers will be listed after confirmation.
Home  » Keynote / Invited Speakers