Titles of Oral Presentations

Speaker Title
K. von Klitzing (plenary) Electron and Spin Interactions in Low Dimensional Systems
M. Devoret (invited) Amplifying Quantum Signals with the Single-electron Transistor
Z. F. Ezawa (invited) Interlayer Coherence in Bilayer Quantum Hall Systems
Yu. E. Lozovik (invited) The Controlling Exciton Bose Condensate and Phonon Laser
A. H. MacDonald (invited) Quantum Hall Ferromanets: The Big Picture
Yu. V. Nazarov (invited) Kondo Effect in Quantum Dots: Recent Developments
K. Takashina (invited) InAs/GaSb-based Interacting Electron-hole System in High Magnetic Field
D. Weiss (invited) Magnetically Modulated Two Dimensional Electron Systems, Micro-Hall-magnetometry and Composite Fermions
G. E. W. Bauer Magnetic Electron-hole Plasmas in Carbon Nanotubes
K. Hirakawa Ferromagnetic Transition Mechanisms in III-V Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors
Y. Hirayama Nuclear Spin Polarization/Relaxation via Interactions with Two-dimensional Electron Systems
N. Imoto Collective/Individual Manipulation and Entanglement for Qubit Information Control
J.-P. Leburton Spin Effects and Exchange Engineering in Quantum Dots
J. E. Mooij Measurements on persistent-current qubits
K. Muraki Quantum Hall Ferromagnet: Integer Quantum Hall Effect due to Coulomb Interactions
K. H. Ploog Fabrication and Properties of Uncoupled and Coupled Quantum Wire and Dot Structures on High-index GaAs Substrates
S. Tarucha Control and Applications of Two-electron States in Quantum Dot Structures
W. van der Wiel The Kondo Effect in Lateral and Vertical Quantum Dots
H. Yokoyama Advancement of Scanning Probe Microscopy for Functional Study of Quantum Nanostructures