International Symposium on

Carrier Interactions in
Mesoscopic Systems

13-14 February, 2001

NTT Atsugi R & D Center

Sponsored by NEDO, CREST (JST), and NTT BRL


Scope and Topics

The symposium is devoted to the physics, devices, and technologies accessible by layer and nano structures, with special emphasis on the effects of carrier interactions. We mainly consider semiconductor based systems. However, phenomena related to carrier interactions in other solid state systems, such as superconductors are also included. Contributions on quantum information processing based on carrier interactions in solids are also welcome.

List of Speakers

K. von Klitzing (Max-Planck Institute) (plenary) Y. Hirayama (NTT BRL)
M. Devoret (CEA, Saclay) (invited) N. Imoto (SOKEN)
Z. F. Ezawa (Tohoku Univ.) (invited) J.-P. Leburton (Univ. Illinois)
Y. Lozovik (Russian Academy of Sci.) (invited) J. E. Mooij (T. U. Delft)
A. H. MacDonald (Indiana Univ.) (invited) K. Muraki (NTT BRL)
Yu. V. Nazarov (T. U. Delft) (invited) K. H. Ploog (Paul-Drude Institute)
K. Takashina (Univ. of Oxford) (invited) S. Tarucha (Univ. Tokyo, NTT BRL)
D. Weiss (Regensburg Univ.) (invited) W. van der Wiel (T. U. Delft)
G. E. W. Bauer (T. U. Delft) H. Yokoyama (ETL)
K. Hirakawa (Univ. Tokyo)

Location, Dates and Time

The symposium will be held on 13 (Tue) and 14 (Wed) February, 2001
at NTT Atsugi R&D Center. Access Map ( Japanese / English )

Final version of Program (Word / PDF)


The official language of the symposium will be English.


All contributed papers will be poster presentations.

The authors are requested to prepare their posters so that they
fit in the active area of the poster panel: 85cm (W) x 176cm (H).

Welcom Reception [New]

On Feb 12 (Mon), we start registration and welcome reception at 18:00
(open until 21:00) at Atsugi Royal Park Hotel, 2F, Room 'Akatsuki'.

All participants of CIM2001 are encouraged to join the welcome reception,
where the symposium workbook will be distributed, and food & drink will be
served free of extra charge.


On Feb 13 (Tue), banquet starts at 19:00 at Atsugi Royral Park Hotel,
3F, Room 'Sagami-nishi' (no extra charge).

Informal Meeting [New]

On Feb 14 (Wed), we will have an informal meeting with food and drink
at the symposium site, B1, restaurant II (see map in the program).


On-line registration is closed, thank you.
Registration desk will be open at the symposium site.
We welcome on-site registration.

Registration Fee:
regular  \5,000 (student  \3,000)
The symposium registration fee covers the conference administration,
a copy of the abstract, and banquet.
Payment should be made on-site to the CIM2001 secretariat.
We accept payment only by cash.

Lodging and Transportation

Two kinds of hotels both within walking distances from Hon-Atsugi station
of Odakyu line are available.
[Atsugi City Map]
In the morning and the evening, there will be shuttle bus transfers between
these hotels and the symposium site.
There will be a welcome reception on Monday (Feb. 12) and a banquet
on Tuesday (Feb. 13) evenings at Atsugi Royal Park Hotel (no extra charge).

hotel single twin address tel fax
Atsugi Urban Hotel \9,400 \17,200 3-14-14 Nakamachi, Atsugi (046) 222-3344 (046) 222-2223
Atsugi Royal Park Hotel \10,500 \19,530 2-13-1 Nakamachi, Atsugi (046) 221-0001 (046) 224-9112

above prices include breakfast, services and taxes.


Dr. K. Muraki, Secretary, CIM2001
NTT Basic Research Laboratories, 3-1 Morinosato-Wakamiya,
Atsugi, Kanagawa 243-0198, Japan
E-mail: / Fax: +81-46-240-4727

Organizing and Program Committee

Y. Hirayama (NTT BRL), Chairman
G. E. W. Bauer (T. U. Delft)
K. Hirakawa (Univ. Tokyo)
N. Imoto (SOKEN Univ)
L. P. Kouwenhoven (T. U. Delft)
J. E. Mooij (T. U. Delft)
J.-P. Leburton (Univ. Illinois)
K. H. Ploog (Paul-Drude Institute)
S. Tarucha (Univ. Tokyo, NTT BRL)
H. Yokoyama (ETL)
K. Muraki (NTT BRL), Secretary


This symposium is sponsored by NEDO International Joint Research Program "Studies of Interaction Effects in High-quality Semiconductor Structures" (NTDP-98), CREST (FEMD)-JST "Interacting Carrier Electronics" program, and NTT Basic Research Laboratories.

NEDO Grant | CREST (FEMD)-JST | NTT Basic Research Labs

Science Plaza 2001

NTT Basic Research Laboratories' Open Day "Science Plaza 2001" will be held at the same time at the NTT Atsugi R&D Center. All participants of CIM 2001 are welcomed to Science Plaza 2001 free of charge.

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