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L. Tiemann, T. D. Rhone, N. Shibata, K. Muraki,
NMR profiling of quantum electron solids in high magnetic fields
Nature Physics 10, 648 (2014).[abstract]
Stefan Folsch, Jesus Martinez-Blanco, Jianshu Yang, Kiyoshi Kanisawa, and Steven C. Erwin,
Quantum dots with single-atom precision
Nature Nanotech. 9, 505 (2014).[abstract]
H. Kamata, N. Kumada, M. Hashisaka, K. Muraki, and T. Fujisawa,
Fractionalized wave packets from an artificial Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid
Nature Nanotech. 9, 177 (2014).[abstract]
N. Kumada, P. Roulleau, B. Roche, M. Hashisaka, H. Hibino, I. Petkovic, and D. C. Glattli,
Resonant Edge Magnetoplasmons and Their Decay in Graphene
Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 266601 (2014).[abstract]
N. Kumada, R. Dubourget, K. Sasaki, S. Tanabe, H. Hibino, H. Kamata, M. Hashisaka, K. Muraki and T. Fujisawa,
Plasmon transport and its guiding in graphene
New J. Phys. 16, 063055 (2014).[abstract]
Hiroshi Irie, Yuichi Harada, Hiroki Sugiyama, and Tatsushi Akazaki,
Josephson coupling through one-dimensional ballistic channel in semiconductor-superconductor hybrid quantum point contacts
Phy. Rev. B 89, 165415 (2014).[abstract]
Ken-ichi Sasaki and Norio Kumada,
Effects of screening on the propagation of graphene surface plasmons
Phys. Rev. B 90, 035449 (2014).[abstract]
M. Yamagishi, N. Watase, M. Hashisaka, K. Muraki, and T. Fujisawa,
Spin-dependent tunneling rates for electrostatically defined GaAs quantum dots
Phys. Rev. B 90, 035306 (2014).[abstract]
Sonia Sharmin, Koji Muraki, and Toshimasa Fujisawa,
Stable and unstable dynamics of Overhauser fields in a double quantum dot
Phy. Rev. B 89, 115315 (2014).[abstract]
S. Nomura, M. Yamaguchi, H. Tamura, T. Akazaki, Y. Hirayama, M. Korkusinski, and P. Hawrylak,
Photoluminescence fine structures in the fractional quantum Hall effect regime
Phys. Rev. B 89, 115317 (2014).[abstract]
Y. Krockenberger, H. Irie, J. Yan, L. Waterston, B. Eleazer, and H. Yamamoto,
Superconductivity in cuprates with square-planar coordinated copper driven by hole carriers
Appl. Phys. Express 7 063101 (2014).[abstract]
K. Kanisawa,
Electronic processes in adatom dynamics at epitaxial semiconductor surfaces studied using MBE-STM combined system
J. Cryst. Growth 401, 381 (2014).
T. Hayashi, N. Take, H. Tamura, T. Sekitani, and T. Someya,
Alternating current admittance of DNTT-based metal-insulator-semiconductor capacitors
J. Appl. Phys. 115, 093702 (2014).
Keiko Takase, Shinichi Tanabe, Satoshi Sasaki, Hiroki Hibino, and Koji Muraki,
Transport Spectroscopy of Epitaxial Graphene on SiC Using Quantum Capacitances
JPS Conf. Proc. (2014).
Narii Watase, Masayuki Hashisaka, Koji Muraki, and Toshimasa Fujisawa,
Single-electron counting statistics with a finite frequency bandwidth
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 53, 04EJ01 (2014).
Masayuki Hashisaka, Tomoaki Ota, Masakazu Yamagishi, Toshimasa Fujisawa, and Koji Muraki,
Cross-correlation measurement of quantum shot noise using homemade transimpedance amplifiers
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 85, 054704 (2014).
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