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Masaya Notomi, Dr. Senior Distinguished Scientist, NTT Basic Research Laboratories
  • Office Address: Morinosato-Wakamiya, Atsugi, 243-0198 JAPAN
  • Office Phone: 81-46-240-3553
  • Office Fax: 81-46-240-4305
  • e-mail:

Masaya Notomi received his B.E., M.E. and Dr. Eng. degrees in applied physics from University of Tokyo in 1986, 1988, and 1997, respectively. In 1988, he joined NTT Optoelectronics Laboratories. Since then, his research interest has been to control the optical properties of materials and devices by using artificial nanostructures, and engaged in research on semiconductor quantum wires/dots and photonic crystal structures. He has been in NTT Basic Research Laboratories since 1999. He is a Distinguished Technical Member of NTT Laboratories and a group leader of Photonic Nanostructure Research Group of NTT BRL. His current research theme is light-propagation control by use of various types of photonic crystals. In 1996-1997, he was with Linkoping University in Sweden as a visiting researcher. He is also a guest professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology since 2003. He received 2006-2008 IEEE/LEOS Distinguished Lecturer Award. He is a member of the Japan Society of Applied Physics, the American Physical Society, IEEE (Fellow), and OSA.

Controlling the optical properties and devices by using artificial nanostructures
  • semiconductor quantum wires/dots
  • photonic crystals

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