Photonic Nanostructure Research Group


What's new

A figure of plasmonic structure from Dr. Ono's paper appeared on the cover of Nature Photonics, Volume 14 Issue 1, January 2020.(2020.1)


We are studying artificial nano-scale dielectric structures -- namely, PHOTONIC NANOSTRUCTURES--, to explore new optical properties and novel optical devices. One of most promising photonic nanostructures is so-called PHOTONIC CRYSTALS, which are thought as possible candidate of a basic platform of photonic ultrasmall integrated circuits.


Photonic Crystal is an artificial periodic structure with dimensions of a few optical wavelengths and an optical band structure similar to the electron band structure widely used in electronics. It has a frequency band called a photonic band gap where light cannot exist. This means that a line defect in a Photonic Crystal acts as a wavegide and a point defect in a Photonic Crystal acts as a resonator that does not leak light. We believe that Photonic Crystal is one of the most promissing candidates as a platform on which to construct devices with dimensions of a few wavelengths of light for future photonic integrated circuits.



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