Kosuke Takiguchi/NTT Basic Research Laboratories
Kosuke Takiguchi, Dr.
NTT Basic Research Laboratories
Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials Research Group
I study condensed matter physics.
Based on molecular beam epitaxy, I explore novel materials such as superconductors.


  • 2024/1/16 The preprint about observation of BKT transition in rhenium nitride is open in arXiv. Link is here.
  • 2024/1/16 The paper about observation of Fermi surfaces in InAs/GaFeSb is published in Communications Physics. Link is here.
  • 2023 2/20 Recent progress of the research with ferromagnetic semiconductors are published as a commentary in Kotaibutsuri. Link is here
  • 2022/11/10 The paper about odd-parity magnetoresistance in InAs/GaFeSb is published in Nature Communications. Link is here.
  • 2022/10/7 The paper about 2D transport phenomena in SrRuO3 is published in npj Quantum Material. Link is here.
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