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The Organization of NTT Basic Research Laboratories

(July 2018)

Organogram Theoretical Quantum Physics Research GroupNano Photonics Center Photonic Nanostructure Research GroupPhotonic Nanostructure Research GroupNano Photonics Center Quantum and Nano Device Research Dr. Hiroshi YamaguchiPhysical Science Laboratory Executive Manager Dr. Akira Fujiwara Materials Science Laboratory Executive Manager Dr. Hideki Yamamoto Quantum Optical Physics Research Group Theoretical Quantum Physics Research Group Quantum Solid State Physics Research Group Nanodevices Research Group Molecular and Bio Science Research Group Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials Research Group Thin-Film Materials Research Group Dr. Hideki Gotoh Dr. Yoshitaka Taniyasu Quantum Optical State Control Research Group Optical Science Laboratory Executive Manager Dr. Hideki Gotoh Dr. Norio Kumada