NTT R&D Center, Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan
November 12-14, 2003

Invited Speakers

  • P. M. Ajayan (Rensselaer Polytech.)
    Organized carbon nanotube architecture
  • M. Aono (NIMS)
    Dynamic processes of nanoscale wiring and atomic switching
  • A. Briggs (University of Oxford)
    Carbon nanomaterials for quantum scale computing
  • P. Finnie (NRC, Canada)
    Photoluminescence from single walled carbon nanotube
  • T. Fukui (Hokkaido University)
    GaAs single electron devices and integrated circuits based on selectively grown quantum nanostructure
  • C. Gerber (University of Basel)
    Nanomechanics : opening new frontiers in bio analyses and diagnostics
  • J. R. Heath (California Institute of Technology)
    A systems approach to molecular electronics
  • K. von Klitzing (Max Planck Institute)
    Electronic Properties of Two-Dimensional Electron Systems under Microwave Radiation
  • M. Ichikawa (University of Tokyo)
    Formation of Si and Ge nanostructures using ultrathin SiO2 technology
  • Y. Kuk (Seoul National University)
    One-dimensional wires
  • K. Matsumoto (Osaka University)
    Application of Carbon Nanotube Single Electron Transistor with Ultra-High Coulomb Energy
  • T. Mizutani (Nagoya University)
    Fabrication and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube FETs
  • K. H. Ploog (Paul Drude Institute)
    Interplay of elastic and magnetic properties in MnAs/GaAs heterostructures
  • V. Y. Prinz (Russian Academy of Sciences)
    Precise semiconductor nanotubes and nanocorrugated quantum systems
  • M. L. Roukes (California Institute of Technology)
    Functional nanoelectromechanical systems
  • C. Teichert (Montanuniversitaet Leoben)
    Self-organization of semiconductor nanostructures in heteroepitaxy and under ion erosion
  • R. M. Westervelt (Harvard University)
    Imaging coherent electron flow
  • R. Wiesendanger (University of Hamburg)
    Nano-Scale Studies of Low-Dimensional Systems by Low-Temperature Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy