NTT R&D Center, Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan
November 12-14, 2003

Invited and Oral Presentations

The time allotted for an invited/contributed paper is 30/20 min. including discussions.

We will provide one standard overhead projector as well as a PC-based project equipment, to which the speakers can directly connect their laptop machine. We will also prepare one Windows XP machine with a CD-ROM drive and a USB interface, so that the Power Point file can be copied there. However, we would like to recommend the speakers to bring their own PC in order to avoid any problem caused by different font set etc. In any case, the speakers are recommended to check if their viewgraphs will be correctly displayed in advance to the presentation.

Poster presentations

The effective area of the board to poster is 85 cm wide and 175 cm high. (Poster board size; 90cm w x 180 cm h)

We would really appreciate it if the speakers could set their posters up by the lunchtime of Wednesday, Nov. 12th and remain them there until Friday, Nov. 14th, if possible, so that participants could see them during FSNS2003.