ISNTT2011 - International Symposium on Nanoscale Transport and Technology
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Invited Speakers

Confirmed Invited Speakers and Tentative Titles
(more speakers will be listed after confirmation)
Gerhard Abstreiter - TU München
"Spin Control in Self-Assembled InGaAs Quantum Dots"
Alexandre Blais - Univ. of Sherbrooke
"Correlation Measurements of Microwave Photons using Linear Detectors"
John Clarke - UC Berkeley
"Mechanism for 1/f Magnetic Flux Noise in SQUIDs and Flux Qubits"
Sergey Frolov - TU Delft
"Spin-Orbit Qubit in a Semiconductor Nanowire"
Christian Glattli - ENS and CEA Saclay
"Quantum Noise of Single Electrons Injected in a Ballistic Conductor"
Alexander Golubov - Univ. Twente
"Odd-Frequency Pairing in Superconducting Heterostructures"
Pawel Hawrylak - NRC
"Optical Properties of 2D and 0D Corrleated Electron Systems"
Philip Kim - Columbia Univ.
"Electron Transport in Graphene Nanostructures"
Charles Marcus - Harvard Univ.
"Electron and Nuclear Spin Manipulation in Quantum Dot Systems"
Matteo Mariantoni - UCSB
"Exploring a Multi-Resonator Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics Architecture"
Satoshi Moriyama - NIMS
"Quantum Dots and Nanostructures in Graphene"
Yasunobu Nakamura - NEC
"Superconducting Qubit as an Artificial Atom"
Oskar Painter - Caltech
"Radiation Pressure at the Nanoscale: Classical- and Quantum-Optical Applications"
Frederic Pierre - CNRS
"Exploring and Tuning the Dynamics of Quantum Hall Edge States"
Hans Schumacher - PTB
"Non-Adiabatic Quantized Charge Pumping in GaAs Quantum Dots"
Michelle Y. Simmons - Univ. of New South Wales
"Donor Based Quantum Dots and Single Donors in Silicon"
Ikuo Suemune - Hokkaido Univ.
"Cooper-Pair Light Emitting Diodes"
Michiharu Tabe - Shizuoka Univ.
"Si Single Dopant Devices"
John Teufel - NIST
"Circuit Cavity Electromechanics in the Strong Coupling Regime"
Alexander Tzalenchuk - NPL
"Robust Quantum Resistance Standard Based on Epitaxial Graphene"
Denis Vion - CEA Saclay
"Strong Coupling of a Spin Ensemble to a Superconducting Resonator"
Wolfgang Wernsdorfer - Institut Néel, CNRS
"Quantum Spintronics using Molecular Nanomagnets"
Amir Yacoby - Harvard Univ.
"Control and Manipulation of Two-Electron Spin Qubits in GaAs Quantum Dots"
Herre van der Zant - TU Delft
"Carbon Nanotube Mechanical Resonators"