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How to get to Atsugi city from Narita Int'l Airport

There are two easy ways to get to your hotel near Hon-Atsugi station from Narita Airport. These are as follows;

  1. [Bus] Airport Limousine Bus (Narita Airport → Hon-Atsugi station) costing 3,600(JPY)
  2. [Train] Narita airport →(JR Narita Express Train)→ Shinjuku →(Odakyu Line)→ Hon-Atsugi station costing 3,390(JPY) + 500(JPY)

Access from Narita International Airport

a. By Express bus (Narita Airport Limousine Bus)

This is the easiest transportation to Hon-Atsugi city, although it only runs about once an hour. The bus ticket counter is located at Terminal 1, 2, and 3, right outside of the immigration exit. There are several bus companies running to various directions. Make sure you choose the bus bound for "Hon-Atsugi Station/Hiratsuka(Tamura Depot)" and get off at "Hon-Atsugi Station (本厚木)". The bus usually takes two and a half hours depending on traffic. Keep in mind that there could be a traffic jam in Tokyo during the evening rush hour.

Next the bus to the airport from Hon-Atsugi requires a reservation, so please buy the ticket in advance. The ticket counter in Hon-Atsugi station is open from 9:00 to 19:00. Further information on the buses can be found at

 - Airport Limousine Bus Information at Narita Airport External sites
 - Time table for Hon-Atsugi Station / Hiratsuka (Tamura Depot) External sites

b. By Train

The second way is to come to Hon-Atsugi station is by train using the transportation route shown below. It involves two train journeys.

Narita to Hon-Atsugi

  1. Narita Express
    The JR Narita Express (NEX) from the airport to "Shinjuku" takes about 75 minutes and costs 3,390(JPY). There are some other trains bound for Tokyo area, but this will be the easiest train to get without any transfer to other lines. The train station for NEX and a vending machine for purchasing tickets are in the basement floor and departed from the arriving lobby.
  2. Odakyu Line
    From "Shinjuku", take an Odakyu Odawara Line bound for "Odawara" station and "Hakone-Yumoto" station. You could either take Limited-Express (特急ロマンスカー, Romance-car), Rapid Express (快速急行, kaisoku-kyuko) or Express (急行, kyuko). Purchase an Odakyu ticket at a vending machine. The fare is 500(JPY) to "Hon-Atsugi" station for the express/rapid express train. If you choose to come by Romance-car, the fare is 1,070(JPY) and you will get a reserved seat. It is only 10 minutes faster than Express trains, however, provides more space and comfort. Not all the limited-Express make a stop at “Hon-Atsugi” station, so please check whether your train stops there.

    The Odakyu Shinjuku station has two departure-floors: upper for Express train and lower for Local train. Do not take the local train (各駅停車, Kakueki-teisha) since it stops at every station and even waits for express trains passing by. There are also express train that goes to another direction, such as “Fujisawa”, “Enoshima”, and “Karakida” (多摩急行, Tama-kyuko). Be extra careful not to take those trains. Please ask people around you to make sure it takes you to the right destination. Express train leaves every 10 minutes from platform 4 and 5, and takes 50 minutes to "Hon-Atsugi" station. Finally "Shinjuku" station is one of the largest transit hubs in Tokyo, serving many different train and subway lines. Each has its own separate gate so make sure you make your way toward the Odakyu line.
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