ISNTT2021 Student Poster Award

December 17, 2021 at NTT Basic Research Laboratories, JAPAN

The "STUDENT POSTER AWARD" at International Symposium on Novel maTerials and quantum Technologies 2021 is given for the best poster presentations. Posters were judged by members of the ISNTT2021 Program Committee and Group Leaders of NTT BRL. The selection was based on the context of the research, technical content, and presentation quality.

The posters selected for ISNTT2021 can be viewed by clicking on the relevant link below:

P1-26: JungYun Han
(Institute for Basic Science)

"Exceptional points and dissipative phase transition"

P2-26: Yutaka Takeda
(The University of Tokyo)

"Designing a Josephson ring circuit for a passive on-chip microwave circulator"