Superconducting Quantum Physics Research Group  [NTT Basic Research Laboratory]
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  • From Narita Airport to Tokyo (Shinjuku):
    • JR Narita Express (NEX): The most convenient way is to take the JR Narita Express (NEX) to Shinjuku (about 70 min., reserved seats 3100\ one way).

    • Keisei Line: You can also take Keisei line (1730\ for Skyliner express, reserved seats, or 810\ for local trains that take just over 1 h). To go to Shinjuku via Keisei line, you need to change trains at Nippori or Ueno to JR Yamanote line.

    • Limousine: You can also take limousine bus from Narita to Shinjuku (3000\) or from Narita to Yokohama City Air Terminal (3500\). However, the traveling time greatly depends on the traffic conditions (1.5 to 3 h), which could be appalling.

    • Where can I buy tickets?: Tickets for all transportation from Narita are available at the arrival lobby of Narita airport. You can find it just after you exit customs.

    • Luggage delivery service: Since trains are crowded (particularly during the rush hour), and since at some stations you may have to walk quite some distance to change trains, it may be convenient to have your luggage delivered directly to your destination. There are delivery service available at the arrival lobby of Narita that will deliver on the following day (about 2500\ per piece).

  • From Tokyo to NTT Atsugi R&D Center:
    • About Atsugi City and Atsugi R&D Center: Atsugi City is located in the center of Kanagawa prefecture, 46 km south west of Tokyo and 32 km from Yokohama. Atugi R&D Center is 15 min. by bus from the Aiko-Ishida station of Odakyu line.

    • Changing from JR to Odakyu line at Shinjuku: To get to Atsugi, you need to change trains at Shinjuku from JR to Odakyu. Please note that Odakyu Shinjuku station and JR Shinjuku station are two different stations having separate ticket gates, builit in the same building. Odakyu Shinjuku station has two levels. Regular trains, stopping at every station, start from the lower level, while express, semi express and super-express trains (with extra charge) start from the upper level. Take the express trains that leave every 10 minutes from platforms 4 and 5.

    • Which train to take?: Odakyu line branches out into two lines at Sagami-Ono station. Please be sure to take those bound for either Odawara or Hakone-Yumoto (mountain side); do not take those bound for Katase-Enoshima or Fujisawa (sea side). Even if you take the correct one, occationally it happens that the first six cars go to the mountain side, but the last four go to the sea side. Therefore, it is safer to get on one of the six cars at the front.

    • From Aiko-Ishida station to the Lab: Outside the station's north exit is a bus terminal. Take the 17 (Morinosato) or 18 (Shoin-Gakuin) bus. Get off at the bus stop, 'Tsushin-Kenkyujo-Mae'. It takes about 15 minutes and costs 250\.
NTT Basic Research Lab