Hiroshi Irie, PhD
Staff scientist
Quantum Solid State Physics Research Group
NTT Basic Research Laboratories

PhD, Electrical Engineering, Univ. of Rochester (2010)
ME and BE in Materials Science, Univ. of Tokyo (2005, 2003)

Research interest:
Quantum phenomena in superconductor/semiconductor hybrid systems
Spintronics in InAs two-dimensional electron gas


2016/12: Ruben finished his internship at NTT.
2016/11: Strained InAs/InGaSb 2DTI paper is published in APL.
2016/10: Andreev bound state paper is published in PRB.
2015/08: Clemens finished his internship at NTT.
2014/04: Superconducting QPC paper is published in PRB.
2014/03: Matsumoto-san and Suzuki-san finished MS course. (more info).
2013/11: Poster presentation at 545. Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Seminar, Bad Honnef.
2012/05: Poster presentation at TQP 2012, Nagoya (more info).
2012/01: InGaAs-QPC paper is published in APEX.

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