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  • 電子情報通信学会 第4回エレクトロニクスソサイエティ賞2001.9.19
  • 半導体光増幅器の先駆的研究
  • 向井 孝彰,齊藤 正,山本 喜久
  • 第20回電子材料シンポジウム EMS(Electronic Materials Symposium)賞 2001.6.22
  • MOVPE growth and large field emission of heavily Si-doped AlN
  • 嘉数 誠
  • First International Conference on Molecular Electronics and Bioelectronics Poster Award2001.3.7
  • End-Grafted Polysilane -Approach for Single Polymer Science and Electronics
  • 古川 一暁
  • Internet International Symposium on Silicon-Containing Polymers and Applications (ISPA2001) ISPA AWARD2001.2.23
  • Switchable Induced Circular Dichroism of Chiral Aggregates of Poly(alkylalkoxyphenylsilane) Bearing Remote Chiral Groups
  • 中島 寛