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  • The 6th annual Scientific American 502007.11.30
  • Storing Photons in a Photonic Crystal
  • 田辺 孝純
  • SSDM Paper Award2007.9.19
  • Optical Properties of Dynamically-Modulated Dots and Wires Formed by Surface Acoustic Waves
  • 寒川 哲臣,後藤 秀樹,平山 祥郎,佐久 規,Paulo V. Santos,Klaus H. Ploog
  • SSDM Young Researcher Award2007.9.19
  • High Critical electric Field Exceeding 8MV/cm Measured Using AlGaN p-i-n Vertical Conducting Diode on n-SiC Substrate
  • 西川 敦
  • 12th Optoelectronics and Communication Conference IEEE/LEOS Japan Chapter Student Award2007.7.11
  • Fabrication and Optical Properties of Hybrid-type Pillar Microcavity
  • 山口 貴雄
  • 第31回レーザー学会業績賞 論文賞(オリジナル部門)2007.5.31
  • シリコンフォトニック結晶共振器を用いて全光スイッチおよび5 GHz RZ(Return to Zero)光パルス列変調
  • 田辺 孝純,新家 昭彦,川西 悟基,納富 雅也
  • 14th Semiconducting and Insulating Materials Conferences (SIMC XIV) Young Scientist Award2007.5.17
  • For outstanding contributions in developing and implementing Aluminum Nitride deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes
  • 谷保 芳孝
  • Photonic & Electromagnetic Crystal Structures (PECS) VII First Place Poster Award2007.4.10
  • Low Loss Long Coupled Resonator Optical Waveguides Realized Using Ultrahigh-Q Photonic Crystal Resonators
  • 倉持 栄一
  • 応用物理学会 講演奨励賞2007.3.27
  • 超高Q値フォトニック結晶微小共振器の実時間光子寿命測定
  • 田辺 孝純