Press Release

Publications in 2018

  1. H. P. Lo, T. Ikuta, N. Matsuda, T. Honjo, and H. Takesue

    Entanglement generation using a controlled-phase gate for time-bin qubits

    Appl. Phys. Express 11 (9), 092801 (2018).

  2. C. Sparrow, E. Martin-Lopez, N. Maraviglia, A. Neville, C. Harrold, J. Carolan, Y. N. Joglekar, T. Hashimoto, N. Matsuda, J. L. O'Brien, D. P. Tew, and A. Laing

    Simulating the vibrational quantum dynamics of molecules using photonics

    Nature 557 (7707) 660-667 (2018).

  3. R. Ikuta, T. Kobayashi, T. Kawakami, S. Miki, M. Yabuno, T. Yamashita, H. Terai, M. Koashi, T. Mukai, T. Yamamoto, and N. Imoto

    Polarization insensitive frequency conversion for an atom-photon entanglement distribution via a telecom network

    Nat. Commun. 9, 1997 (2018).

  4. E. Kuramochi, N. Matsuda, K. Nozaki, A. H. Park, H. Takesue, and M. Notomi

    Wideband slow short-pulse propagation in one-thousand slantingly coupled L3 photonic crystal nanocavities

    Opt. Express 26 (8) 9552-9564 (2018).

  5. T. Ikuta, and H. Takesue

    CFour-dimensional entanglement distribution over 100 km

    Sci Rep 8, 817 (2018).

  6. Y. Takeda, S. Tamate, Y. Yamamoto, H. Takesue, T. Inagaki, and S. Utsunomiya

    Boltzmann sampling for an XY model using a non-degenerate optical parametric oscillator network

    Quantum Sci. Technol. 3 (1), UNSP 014004 (2018).

Publications in 2017

  1. Y. Yamamoto, K. Aihara, T. Leleu, K. Kawarabayashi, S. Kako, M. Fejer, K. Inoue, and H. Takesue

    Coherent Ising machines-optical neural networks operating at the quantum limit

    npj Quantum Information 3, Article number: 49 (2017).

  2. N. Matsuda, H. Nishi, P. Karkus, T. Tsuchizawa, K. Yamada, W. J. Munro, K. Shimizu, and H. Takesue

    Generation of entangled photons using an arrayed waveguide grating

    J. Opt. 19 (12), 124005 (2017).

  3. H. P. Lo, and H. Takesue

    Precise tuning of single-photon frequency using an optical single sideband modulator

    Optica 4 (8) 919-923 (2017).

  4. T. Mukai

    Security enhanced memory for quantum state

    Sci Rep 7, 6667 (2017).

  5. A. Ishizawa, T. Goto, R. Kou, T. Tsuchizawa, N. Matsuda, K. Hitachi, T. Nishikawa, K. Yamada, T. Sogawa, and H. Gotoh

    Octave-spanning supercontinuum generation at telecommunications wavelengths in a precisely dispersion- and length-controlled silicon-wire waveguide with a double taper structure

    Appl. Phys. Lett. 111 (2), 021105 (2017).

  6. R. J. Collins, R. Amiri, M. Fujiwara, T. Honjo, K. Shimizu, K. Tamaki, M. Takeoka, M. Sasaki, E. Andersson, and G. S. Buller

    Experimental demonstration of quantum digital signatures over 43 dB channel loss using differential phase shift quantum key distribution

    Sci Rep 7, 3235 (2017).

  7. A. Ishizawa, R. Kou, T. Goto, T. Tsuchizawa, N. Matsuda, K. Hitachi, T. Nishikawa, K. Yamada, T. Sogawa, and H. Gotoh

    Optical nonlinearity enhancement with graphene-decorated silicon waveguides

    Sci Rep 7, 45520 (2017).

  8. T. Ikuta, and H. Takesue

    Implementation of quantum state tomography for time-bin qudits

    New J. Phys. 19, 013039 (2017).

Publications in 2016

  1. R. Ikuta, T. Kobayashi, K. Matsuki, S. Miki, T. Yamashita, H. Terai, T. Yamamoto, M. Koashi, T. Mukai and N. Imoto

    Heralded single excitation of atomic ensemble via solid-state-based telecom photon detection

    Optica 3 (11), 1279-1284 (2016).

  2. T. Inagaki, Y. Haribara, K. Igarashi, T. Sonobe, S. Tamate, T. Honjo, A. Marandi, P. L. McMahon, T. Umeki, K. Enbutsu, O. Tadanaga, H. Takenouchi, K. Aihara, K. Kawarabayashi, K. Inoue, S. Utsunomiya and H. Takesue

    A coherent Ising machine for 2000-node optimization problems

    Science 354 (6312), 603-606 (2016).

  3. P. L. McMahon, A. Marandi, Y. Haribara, R. Hamerly, C. Langrock, S. Tamate, T. Inagaki, H. Takesue, S. Utsunomiya, K. Aihara, R. L. Byer, M. M. Fejer, H. Mabuchi and Y. Yamamoto

    A fully programmable 100-spin coherent Ising machine with all-to-all connections

    Science 354 (6312), 614-617 (2016).

  4. R. J. Collins, R. Amiri, M. Fujiwara, T. Honjo, K. Shimizu, K. Tamaki, M. Takeoka, E. Andersson, G. S. Buller and M. Sasaki

    Experimental transmission of quantum digital signatures over 90 km of installed optical fiber using a differential phase shift quantum key distribution system

    Opt. Lett. 41 (21), 4883-4886 (2016).

  5. R. Hamerly, K. Inaba, T. Inagaki, H. Takesue, Y. Yamamoto and H. Mabuchi

    Topological defect formation in 1D and 2D spin chains realized by network of optical parametric oscillators

    Int. J. Mod. Phys. B 30 (25), 1630014 (2016).

  6. H. Takesue and T. Inagaki

    10 GHz clock time-multiplexed degenerate optical parametric oscillators for a photonic Ising spin network

    Opt. Lett. 41 (18), 4273-4276 (2016).

  7. M. Taguchi, S. Nakajima, T. Kubo and Y. Tokura

    Quantum Adiabatic Pumping by Modulating Tunnel Phase in Quantum Dots

    J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 85 (8), 084704 (2016).

  8. N. Matsuda and H. Takesue

    Generation and manipulation of entangled photons on silicon chips

    Nanophotonics 5 (3), 440-455 (2016).

  9. D. Morita, T. Kubo, Y. Tokura and M. Yamashita

    Spin-1 quantum walks

    Phys. Rev. A 93 (6), 063625 (2016).

  10. T. Inagaki, K. Inaba, R. Hamerly, K. Inoue, Y. Yamamoto and H. Takesue

    Large-scale Ising spin network based on degenerate optical parametric oscillators

    Nat. Photonics 10 (6), 415-+ (2016).

  11. K. Inaba and M. Yamashita

    Theoretical analysis of the spectroscopy of atomic Bose-Hubbard systems

    Phys. Rev. A 93 (4), 043608 (2016).

  12. S. Bevilacqua, E. Novoselov, S. Cherednichenko, H. Shibata and Y. Tokura

    Wideband MgB2 Hot-Electron Bolometer Mixers: IF Impedance Characterisation and Modeling

    IEEE Trans. Appl. Supercond. 26 (3), 2300105 (2016).

  13. S. Kato, K. Inaba, S. Sugawa, K. Shibata, R. Yamamoto, M. Yamashita and Y. Takahashi

    Laser spectroscopic probing of coexisting superfluid and insulating states of an atomic Bose-Hubbard system

    Nat. Commun. 7 11341 (2016).

  14. K. Sasaki, S. Murakami and Y. Tokura

    Determination of intrinsic lifetime of edge magnetoplasmons

    Phys. Rev. B 93 (12), 125402 (2016).

  15. E. Novoselov, S. Bevilacqua, S. Cherednichenko, H. Shibata and Y. Tokura

    Effect of the Critical and Operational Temperatures on the Sensitivity of MgB2 HEB Mixers

    IEEE Trans. Terahertz Sci. Technol. 6 (2), 238-244 (2016).

  16. D. Hashimoto and K. Shimizu

    Coherent Raman beat analysis of the hyperfine sublevel coherence properties of 167Er3+ ions doped in an Y2SiO5 crystal

    J. Lumines. 171 183-190 (2016).

  17. T. Ikuta and H. Takesue

    Enhanced violation of the Collins-Gisin-Linden-Massar-Popescu inequality with optimized time-bin-entangled ququarts

    Phys. Rev. A 93 (2), 022307 (2016).

  18. R. Asaoka, H. Tsuchiura, M. Yamashita and Y. Toga

    Dynamical instability in the S=1 Bose-Hubbard model

    Phys. Rev. A 93 (1), 013628 (2016).

  19. N. Matsuda

    Deterministic reshaping of single-photon spectra using cross-phase modulation

    Sci. Adv. 2 (3), e1501223 (2016).

  20. A. M. Thomasen, T. Mukai, and T. Byrnes

    Ultrafast coherent control of spinor Bose-Einstein condensates using stimulated Raman adiabatic passage

    Phys. Rev. A 94 (5), 053636 (2016).

Publications in 2015

  1. K. Shimizu and Y. Tokura

    Identifying a correlated spin fluctuation in an entangled spin chain subject to a quantum phase transition

    Phys. Rev. E 92, 062143 (2015).

  2. F. Morikoshi

    An entanglement analogue in light cones

    Prog. Theor. Exp. Phys. 123A04 (2015).

  3. H. Takesue, T. Sasaki, K. Tamaki and M. Koashi

    Experimental quantum key distribution without monitoring signal disturbance

    Nat. Photonics 9, 827-831 (2015).

  4. H. Takesue, S. D. Dyer, M. J. Stevens, V. Verma, R. P. Mirin and S. W. Nam

    Quantum teleportation over 100 km of fiber using highly efficient superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors

    Optica 2, 832-835 (2015).

  5. J. Carolan, C. Harrold, C. Sparrow, E. Martin-Lopez, N. J. Russell, J. W. Silverstone, P. J. Shadbolt, N. Matsuda, M. Oguma, M. Itoh, G. D. Marshall, M. G. Thompson, J. C. F. Matthews, T. Hashimoto, J. L. O'Brien and A. Laing

    Universal linear optics

    Science 349, 711-716 (2015).

  6. H. Shibata, K. Shimizu, H. Takesue and Y. Tokura

    Ultimate low system dark-count rate for superconducting nanowire single-photon detector

    Opt. Lett. 40, 3428-3431 (2015).

  7. K. Noda, K. Inaba and M. Yamashita

    Magnetism in the three-dimensional layered Lieb lattice: Enhanced transition temperature via flat-band and Van Hove singularities

    Phys. Rev. A 91, 063610 (2015).

  8. N. Zen, H. Shibata, Y. Mawatari, M. Koike and M. Ohkubo

    Biomolecular ion detection using high-temperature superconducting MgB2 strips

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  9. H. Takesue, E. Diamanti, R. Thew and Z. L. Yuan

    Introduction to the Issue on Quantum Communication and Cryptography

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    Macroscopic quantum information processing using spin coherent states

    Opt. Commun. 337 102-109 (2015).

Publications in 2014

  1. A. Abdelrahman, T. Mukai, H. Haffner and T. Byrnes

    Coherent all-optical control of ultracold atoms arrays in permanent magnetic traps

    Opt. Express 22 (3), 3501-3513 (2014).

  2. R. Asaoka, H. Tsuchiura, M. Yamashita and Y. Toga

    Density Modulations Associated with the Dynamical Instability in the Bose-Hubbard Model

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    Macroscopic quantum information processing using spin coherent states

    Optics Communicatins, 337, 102-109 (2014).

  4. H. Imai, K. Inaba, H. Tanji-Suzuki, M. Yamashita and T. Mukai

    Bose-Einstein condensate on a persistent-supercurrent atom chip

    Appl. Phys. B-Lasers Opt. 116 (4), 821-829 (2014).

  5. K. Inaba, Y. Tokunaga, K. Tamaki, K. Igeta and M. Yamashita

    High-Fidelity Cluster State Generation for Ultracold Atoms in an Optical Lattice

    Phys. Rev. Lett. 112 (11), 110501 (2014).

  6. N. Matsuda, P. Karkus, H. Nishi, T. Tsuchizawa, W. J. Munro, H. Takesue and K. Yamada

    On-chip generation and demultiplexing of quantum correlated photons using a silicon-silica monolithic photonic integration platform

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    Dispersion and light transport characteristics of large-scale photonic-crystal coupled nanocavity arrays

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    Flat-band ferromagnetism in the multilayer Lieb optical lattice

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    Fabrication of a MgB2 nanowire single-photon detector using Br2-N2 dry etching

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  10. H. Shibata, T. Honjo and K. Shimizu

    Quantum key distribution over a 72 dB channel loss using ultralow dark count superconducting single-photon detectors

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    Performance of Long-Distance Quantum Key Distribution Over 90-km Optical Links Installed in a Field Environment of Tokyo Metropolitan Area

    J. Lightwave Technol. 32 (1), 141-151 (2014).

  12. H. Takesue

    Entangling time-bin qubits with a switch

    Phys. Rev. A 89 (6), 062328 (2014).

  13. H. Takesue, N. Matsuda, E. Kuramochi and M. Notomi

    Entangled photons from on-chip slow light

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    f-band condensates in exciton-polariton lattice systems

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Publications in 2013

  1. S. Bevilacqua, S. Cherednichenko, V. Drakinskiy, H. Shibata, Y. Tokura, and J. Stake

    Study of IF Bandwidth of MgB Phonon-Cooled Hot-Electron Bolometer Mixers

    IEEE Trans. Terahertz Sci. Technol. 3 (4), 409-415 (2013).

  2. SJ. Devitt, WJ. Munro, and K. Nemoto

    Quantum error correction for beginners

    Rep. Prog. Phys. 76 (7), 076001 (2013).

  3. SJ. Devitt, AM. Stephens, WJ. Munro, and K. Nemoto

    Requirements for fault-tolerant factoring on an atom-optics quantum computer

    Nat. Commun. 4, 2524 (2013).

  4. M. Fujiwara, T. Honjo, K. Shimizu, K. Tamaki, and M. Sasaki

    Characteristics of superconducting single photon detector in DPS-QKD system under bright illumination blinding attack

    Opt. Express 21 (5), 6304-6312 (2013).

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    Excitation spectroscopy of few-electron states in artificial diatomic molecules

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Publications in 2012

  1. A. Aharony, S. Gurvitz, Y. Tokura, O. Entin-Wohlman, and S. Dattagupta

    Partial decoherence in mesoscopic systems

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