NTT-BRL School 2013
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Nano and Quantum Science :
    Driving Tomorrow's Technology


Nano materialsNano (hybrid) structuresNano electronicsNano photonicsNano mechanicsQuantum computationQuantum measurementQuantum information theoryQuantum dotsSuperconducting Quantum Interference DeviceSemiconductor Quantum Physics

Lecturers and Titles

SQUID Femtoscience: Fundamentals, Magnetometers and Amplifiers

SQUID Femtoscience: Applications from Cosmology to Medicine

Prof. John Clarke / University of California, Berkeley, USA

Quantum Dots: From Growth to Quantum Applications

Shaping Nanomembranes into a New Nanoworld

Prof. Oliver G. Schmidt / IFW Dresden, Germany

Ultrafast Optical Control of Charge and Spin in Artificial Atoms and Molecules

Prof. Jonathan Finley / Walter Schottky Institut, Germany

Semiconductor Micro/Nanomechanical Systems

Dr. Hiroshi Yamaguchi / NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Japan

Topologically Protected Quantum Effects in Solid-State Devices

Dr. Koji Muraki / NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Japan

Nanophotonics Toward the Smallest Energy Consumption

Dr. Masaya Notomi / NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Japan

Poster Session

Poster sessions by all participants is scheduled on the evening of Tuesday November 26th in International Symposium on Nanoscale Transport and Technology (ISNTT) 2013.

The size of the poster panels will be 1.75 m high and 0.85 m wide. Pushpins for the posters will be provided. Each poster should begin with an introductory part, accessible to a much broader audience beyond specialists. Please use catchwords instead of long sentences. Each poster should end with a conclusion or a summary of the results.