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Annual report 2023
NTT Succeeds at Frequency Stabilization of an Electro-Optic Modulation-Based Optical Frequency Comb

- For high-speed and large-capacity optical communication applications and improvement of accuracy in microwave generation and evaluation equipment -

Long-term functional measurements from modular 3D neuronal networks using rolled-up 3D electrode array

~ Functional characterization of brain-mimicking culture by bioelectronics ~

Annual report 2022
Light-driven on-chip actuator capable of mimicking the motion of biological organs

~contribution to the construction and validation of a bio-digital twin as an on-chip organ model~

Detection of ferric ions in neurons using a superconducting flux qubit

— Towards pathology examinations at the single-cell level —

Realization of a novel method for the detection of parasitic defects in superconducting qubits

~Paving the way for removing defects in quantum processors~

Using light to measure particles and viscosity in liquids with ultrahigh sensitivity

— Toward application as sensors in the chemical, biology, and rheology fields that can measure at desired locations in liquids —

Realizing Zero-bias Operation of a Graphene Photodetector at 220 GHz and Elucidating the Optical-to-electrical Conversion Process

~Demonstrating the Promise of Graphene as a Broadband High-Speed Photodetector Material~

The world's first demonstration of aluminum nitride transistor

- Advancing toward next-generation power devices contributing to carbon neutrality -

Annual report 2021
Detection of graphene's divergent orbital diamagnetism at the Dirac point

-Paving the way to reveal novel properties and functionalities in graphene-

Elucidation of Spin Wave Physics Using a Graphene Electron Interferometer

-Contributing to Magnonics toward Ultra-low-power Devices-

100,000-spin coherent Ising machine

- High-speed solution search for large-scale combinatorial optimization problems enabled with a large-scale optical computer -

International Symposium on Novel maTerials and quantum Technologies 2021 (ONLINE)

December 14 - 17, 2021 (held online)

Andreev reflection of fractionally charged quasiparticles

—First observation of Andreev reflection in a material other than superconductors—

Annual report 2020
Successful fabrication of microfluidic devices using 3D hydrogel thin film structures

- Achievement opens possibility of creation of artificial cell culture models (organs-on-a-chip) -

Experimental realization of photonic spiking neural network toward a new neuromorphic computing
First high-speed quantum-safe randomness generation with realistic devices

- An important advance towards the practical application of quantum randomness generation -