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The world's first demonstration of aluminum nitride transistor

- Advancing toward next-generation power devices contributing to carbon neutrality -

Annual report 2021
Detection of graphene's divergent orbital diamagnetism at the Dirac point

-Paving the way to reveal novel properties and functionalities in graphene-

Elucidation of Spin Wave Physics Using a Graphene Electron Interferometer

-Contributing to Magnonics toward Ultra-low-power Devices-

100,000-spin coherent Ising machine

- High-speed solution search for large-scale combinatorial optimization problems enabled with a large-scale optical computer -

International Symposium on Novel maTerials and quantum Technologies 2021 (ONLINE)

December 14 - 17, 2021 (held online)

Andreev reflection of fractionally charged quasiparticles

—First observation of Andreev reflection in a material other than superconductors—

Annual report 2020
Successful fabrication of microfluidic devices using 3D hydrogel thin film structures

- Achievement opens possibility of creation of artificial cell culture models (organs-on-a-chip) -

Experimental realization of photonic spiking neural network toward a new neuromorphic computing
First high-speed quantum-safe randomness generation with realistic devices

- An important advance towards the practical application of quantum randomness generation -

The world's first realization of an optomechanical device with extremely low optical energy loss

- Progress toward the creation of smaller and more efficient optical amplification devices -

Wearable Acoustic Sensor Array System Featuring Remote Transmission of Body Sounds
Demonstration of a novel scheme to generate chaotic signals using a MEMS oscillator

- Basic device elements for signal processing technology such as machine learning -

First observation of quantum transport phenomena peculiar to an exotic state

- Emergence of the magnetic Weyl semimetal state in ultrahigh-quality SrRuO3 thin films -

Annual report 2019
Joint Research Begins with University of Tokyo Hospital on Preventing Nursing Care using Large-scale Population-based Cohort Data

—Clarification of relationship between locomotive syndrome and other diseases leading to nursing care and identification of factors associated with nursing care—

Experimental demonstration of ultra-high precision optical frequency transfer via 240-km-long telecommunications fiber

- Optical repeater cascade transfer using planar lightwave circuit (PLC) -

Demonstration of ultrafast and energy-efficient all-optical switching with graphene and plasmonic waveguides

—Progress toward photonic integrated circuits for ultrafast information processing—