8th NTT-BRL School

General information

NTT-BRL School has been held to foster young researchers and to stimulate enthusiastic discussions among the students and the prestigious professors/researchers invited as lecturers.

The 8th NTT-BRL School will be held on Nov. 13th, 2017, as a part of ISNTT2017.
The main theme of NTT-BRL School this time is “The principles of solid state quantum computation”.
The lectures will be open to all ISNTT2017 participants.

Schedule of 8th BRL SchoolISNTT Schedule Overview

Titles and Lecturers:

Support for students

There will be financial support for up to 30 students who attend throughout the School and Symposium at ISNTT2017. The selection will be based on the evaluation of the abstract submitted to ISNTT2017.

The support includes:

  1. Round trip airfare between your airport and Narita/Haneda airport
  2. Accommodation fee including breakfast for 6 nights from Nov. 12 (Sun) to Nov. 18 (Sat).
  3. Lunch during the School and Symposium
  4. Registration /Banquet fee for ISNTT2017
  5. Special Lab. Tour at NTT Basic Research Laboratories scheduled in the afternoon of Nov. 17 (Fri.)


  1. Only PhD students or master’s course students can apply for this support
  2. The students accepted for the support must attend all the events (including BRL-School, Symposium, and Special Lab. Tour) scheduled from Monday morning to Friday afternoon.
ISNTT2017 Submission abstract