Keynote / Invited Speakers


Serge Haroche — Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, Collège de France
"Quantum Metrology with Schrödinger Cats"


Katsuhiko Ariga — National Institute for Materials Science
"Challenges for Nanocar and Molecular Machine by nm-size Tip Approach and cm-level Hand Motion"
Adrian Bachtold — The Institute of Photonic Science
"Graphene Electro-mechanical Resonators"
Alejandro Fainstein — Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica (CNEA), Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas (CONICET)
"Extremely High Frequency Cavity Optomechanics"
Toshimasa Fujisawa — Tokyo Institute of Technology
"Double Quantum Dot Coupled with a Phonon Resonator"
Rolf J. Haug — University of Hannover
"Shot Noise and Feedback in Single-Electron Tunneling through Quantum Dots"
Xiao Hu — National Institute for Materials Science
"Towards Nano Topological Photonics"
Junichiro Kono — Rice University
"QED of Condensed Matter in the Ultrastrong Coupling Regime"
Hubert J. Krenner — University of Augsburg
"Acoustic Control of Light and Matter on a Chip"
Joseph Losby — University of Alberta
"Broadband Nanomechanical Torque Magnetometry"
Xiao Mi — Princeton University
"Strong-Coupling Silicon Charge and Spin Qubits to Microwave Photons"
Fabrizio Nichele — University of Copenhagen
"Majorana modes in InAs/Al two-dimensional heterostructures"
Atsushi Noguchi — The University of Tokyo
"Qubit-Assisted Transduction for a Detection of Surface Acoustic Waves Near the Quantum Limit"
William D. Oliver — Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Quantum Engineering of Superconducting Qubits"
Tauno Palomaki — University of Washington
"Edge Conduction in Monolayer WTe2"
Jukka P. Pekola — Aalto University School of Science
"Stochastic Thermodynamics in Superconducting and Hybrid Circuits"
Benjamin Sussman — National Research Council Canada
"Quantum Processing with Phonons"
Maika Takita — IBM
"Towards Fault-tolerant Quantum Computing using Superconducting Qubits"
Xiaobo Zhu — University of Science and Technology of China
"Progress on Superconducting Multi-Qubits System"