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These are main facilities we use for sample processing and experiment.

Molecular beam epitaxy system
Extremely high quality semiconductor layered structures can be grown by molecular beam epitaxy crystal growth technique.

Electron beam lithography
Electron beam lithography is used to fabricate a variety of nanostructure devices. The resolution is 20-50 nm.

Other equipments for sample processing
We also have equipments for focus ion beam, photo lithography, wet/dry etching, metal deposition, sample annealing and so on.

Low-temperature scanning tunnel microscopy with MBE chamber
III-V semiconductors grown in the MBE chamber can be transferred to the STM while keeping the vaccume below 10-10 mbar, allowing to investigate very clean surface.

Low-temperature measurements are carried out by using dilution refrigerators (base temperature: 10 mK), 3He, 4He cryostats with superconducting magnet. The lowest temperature is 20 mK and the maximum magnetic field is 18 T. For some cryostats, coaxial cables are equiped, allowing us for high-frequency measurements.

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