Quantum Solid State Physics Research Group at NTT Basic Research Labs (NTT-BRL) is seeking for highly motivated researchers for both permanent and postdoc positions. For postdoctoral research, we currently have open positions for the project(s) described below. There are also opportunities for internship students and visiting professors, with some support from NTT-BRL. Interested students, researchers, and professors should contact Dr. Norio Kumada. Detailed information about recruitment and necessary documents can be found at NTT-BRL web site

Plasmons and ultrafast electric transport

We study THz charge dynamics in solid-state materials using on-chip THz spectroscopy and Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy. While our current main target is graphene plasmonics, we plan to apply these techniques to other materials as well.

Principal investigator: Dr. Norio Kumada

Manipulation of quantum Hall anyons

We have an opening post-doctoral position on our experiments on fractional quantum Hall quasiparticles. Our target is to detect and manipulate anyons in fractional quantum Hall systems using gigahertz electronics and noise-measurement techniques.

Principal investigator: Dr. Masayuki Hashisaka