Theoretical Quantum Physics Research Group

Welcome to the website of the newly formed theoretical quantum physics research group which is a part of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) Basic Research Laboratories.

Quantum theory is the basis of modern physics and explains the nature and behaviour of matter and energy at the atomic level. Its peculiar features, such as superposition and entanglement, open up the possibility of completely new ways to manipulate information. Quantum entanglement, for instance, is the phenomenon in which the state of composite systems can never be expressed by whatever collection of the descriptions of the subsystems. It is believed to be essential for achieving classically intractable applications such as quantum communication and computation. Our group working closely with experimentalists explores such quantum natures and how they can be applied to generate new forms of quantum technology.

Our topics of interest include:

  • Foundational aspects of quantum theory including randomness and nonlocal phenomena;
  • The quantum internet;
  • Quantum computation and simulation;
  • Hybrid quantum systems;

Our Researchers:

William Munro
William Munro

Interns and Postdocs wanted

Alumni: Staff Kiyoshi Tamaki (Toyama), Alumni: Postdocs George Knee (Oxford), Fabian Furrer (Zurich), Stefan Bauml (Delft) Interns Paul Knotts (Leeds), Shane Dooley (Leeds), Javier Cambiasso (Imperial), Luca Rigovacca (Imperial), Anthony Hayes (Sussex), Tobias Haug (NUS)