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Quantum Science and Technology Laboratory

Superconducting Quantum Circuit Research Group

Dr. Shiro Saito
Group Leader
Dr. Shiro Saito

We aim to realize novel quantum systems from Josephson junction based superconducting circuits that are founded on new physical principles and fabricated using cutting edge technologies. The aim of this work is to both study and harness the opportunities arising from quantum phenomena for new fundamental science and applications that cannot be satisfied by existing technologies.


Superconducting quantum circuits integrated with Josephson junctions are at the forefront of quantum technologies that could form the backbone of a universal quantum computer. The unprecedented control over the fragile quantum states that is offered by these circuits can also be exploited for a range of quantum-enabled applications that have emerged as spin-offs from quantum computing. Our research group aims to exploit superconducting quantum circuits either independently or by coupling them to electromagnetic resonators in 3D cavities or spin ensembles in crystals and even organic biological agents to build long lived qubits and to perform ultimate measurements with quantum sensors whose performance exceeds classical bounds. In parallel superconducting circuits will also be used to study microwave quantum optics and quantum simulation where this work is underpinned by an in-house theoretical program.

  • Dr. Imran Mahboob
    Dr. Imran Mahboob
  • Dr. Kousuke Kakuyanagi
    Dr. Kousuke Kakuyanagi
  • Dr. Hiraku Toida
    Dr. Hiraku Toida
  • Dr. Takaaki Takenaka
    Dr. Takaaki Takenaka
  • Dr. Kosuke Mizuno
    Dr. Kosuke Mizuno
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