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Research Center for Theoretical Quantum Physics

Dr. Seiichiro Tani
Project Manager

Dr. Seiichiro Tani

Our research center brings together like-minded theoretical researchers from across NTT to pursue cutting edge quantum science research. It's focus is both on gaining an enhanced understanding of quantum physics fundamental aspects as well as the exploration of these quantum properties. We have particular interests in quantum algorithms, computation, communication, sensing and imaging as well in hybrid quantum systems, strongly correlated systems, condensed matter and superconducting systems. Our center welcomes short and longer term visitors.

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  • Dr. Tomohiro Yamazaki
    Dr. Tomohiro Yamazaki
  • Dr. Yasushi Shinohara
    Dr. Yasushi Shinohara
  • Dr. Lewis Ruks
    Dr. Lewis Ruks
  • Dr. Yuuki Tokunaga
    Dr. Yuuki Tokunaga
  • Dr. Suguru Endo
    Dr. Suguru Endo
  • Dr. Yasunari Suzuki
    Dr. Yasunari Suzuki
  • Dr. Ryo Nishimaki
    Dr. Ryo Nishimaki
  • Dr. Takashi Yamakawa
    Dr. Takashi Yamakawa
  • Dr. Fuyuki Kitagawa
    Dr. Fuyuki Kitagawa
  • Dr. Akinori Hosoyamada
    Dr. Akinori Hosoyamada
  • Dr. Seiseki Akibue
    Dr. Seiseki Akibue
  • Dr. Yuuki Takeuchi
    Dr. Yuuki Takeuchi
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