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Quantum Science and Technology Laboratory

Quantum Solid State Physics Research Group

Dr. Norio Kumada
Group Leader
Dr. Norio Kumada

We study various quantum effects that electrons in the solid state exhibit. We establish a new field of “quantum correlated electronics,” aiming at applications for highly sensitive sensing technology and quantum computers.


In addition to the quantum mechanical properties of electrons such as the wave nature, superposition state, and spin, Quantum Solid State Physics Research Group focuses on many-body effects and correlations that arise from electron-electron interaction. We aim to engineer and control such quantum effects by exploiting heterostructures and nanostructures of semiconductors and 2D materials and thereby realize quantum devices and sensing techniques unattainable with individual electrons. To this end, we use various techniques including molecular beam epitaxy, electron-beam lithography, ultra-low-temperature electrical measurement, ultrafast electrical/optical measurement, and low-temperature scanning tunnel microscopy.

  • Dr. Takafumi Akiho
    Dr. Takafumi Akiho
  • Dr. Katsumasa Yoshioka
    Dr. Katsumasa Yoshioka
  • Dr. Taro Wakamura
    Dr. Taro Wakamura
  • Dr. Hiroshi Kamata
    Dr. Hiroshi Kamata
  • Dr. Yusuke Nakazawa
    Dr. Yusuke Nakazawa
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