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Advanced Applied Physical Science Laboratory

Nanomechanics Research Group

Dr. Hajime Okamoto
Group Leader
Dr. Hajime Okamoto

Micro/nanomechanical devices enable the pursuit of new physical phenomenon that can only be observed in these dynamical systems to probe the fundamental nature of the world as well enabling the development of nanoscience and nanotechnology. These systems can be manipulated by electrical or optical means permitting applications such as ultra-high sensitivity detectors for weak forces as well as mechanical signal processing to be developed.


Fabricating a mechanical resonator using semiconductor materials allows the opto-electro-mechanical transduction to be mediated via the piezoelectric effect. This piezoelectric transduction induces nonlinear dynamics in the mechanical vibration, enabling the parametric amplification as well as the beam splitter-type interaction to be externally controlled. The scheme can be applied to demonstrate various novel device functionalities. The piezoelectricity induces also the carrier-mediated optomechanical interaction, which allows efficient light-mechanics transduction. We also study hybrid micro/nanomechanical devices by integrating the mechanical resonators with semiconductor quantum structures, such like quantum wells and quantum dots.

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