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Advanced Applied Physical Science Laboratory

Quantum Optical Physics Research Group

Dr. Haruki Sanada
Group Leader
Dr. Haruki Sanada

Understanding and controlling the interaction between light and matter is essential for the development of optical science and technology. We are conducting experimental research in this field and exploring new device operating principles that overcome current limitations.


Our research targets include optical-lattice clock network, EOM-based optical frequency comb, attosecond spectroscopy, spintronics, rare-earth ion-based photonic devices, and VLS-grown semiconductor nanowires. These studies are based on key experimental techniques we have developed: extreme laser control in the time and frequency domain, spectroscopy with precise time, spatial, and spin resolutions, crystal growth of high-quality materials, and fabrication of nanostructures.

»Recent Highlight

  • Dr. Katsuya Oguri
    Dr. Katsuya Oguri
  • Dr. Guoqiang Zhang
    Dr. Guoqiang Zhang
  • Dr. Tomoya Akatsuka
    Dr. Tomoya Akatsuka
  • Dr. Kenichi Hitachi
    Dr. Kenichi Hitachi
  • Dr. Xuejun Xu
    Dr. Xuejun Xu
  • Dr. Kunihashi Yoji
    Dr. Kunihashi Yoji
  • Dr. Hiromitsu Imai
    Dr. Hiromitsu Imai
  • Dr. Yusuke Tanaka
    Dr. Yusuke Tanaka
  • Dr. Tomohiro Inaba
    Dr. Tomohiro Inaba
  • Dr. Takuya Okamoto
    Dr. Takuya Okamoto
  • Dr. Yasushi Shinohara
    Dr. Yasushi Shinohara
  • Dr. Kohei Nagai
    Dr. Kohei Nagai
  • Dr. Giacomo Mariani
    Dr. Giacomo Mariani
  • Prof. Junsaku Nitta <br>(Research Professor)
    Prof. Junsaku Nitta
    (Research Professor)
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