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Materials Science Laboratory

Thin-Film Materials Research Group


Thin-film research group’s research is wide-band gap semiconductors, such as diamond and nitrides, and oxide superconductors, based on the superior crystal growth technologies. Our mission is to achieve new semiconductors and superconductors, and consequently to exploit their electronic and optical properties, and realize their devices.


Diamond semiconductor is expected to exhibit much higher fr output power than conventional semiconductors. We realized the highest cut-off frequency and the highest output power. Recently we achieved our original doping approach, a combined ion-implantation and high-temperature high-pressure annealing. Aluminum nitride (AlN) is a semiconductor with the highest direct band gap structure. Therefore, its light-emitting device emits the light with the shortest wavelength. We realized both its p-type and n-type doping, and realized 210 nm, light emission. The wavelength is near the edge in the vacuum ultraviolet region. Besides, we exploit boron nitride (BN).

  • Dr. Yudai Yamashita
    Dr. Yudai Yamashita
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