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Advanced Applied Physical Science Laboratory

Nanodevices Research Group


The research target is to realize nanometer-scale devices with novel concept and ultimate performance such as ultra-low power, high functionality, high sensitivity, and high precision for future science and ICT society.


We are pursuing to create electronic devices with ultimate performance and novel functions by using nanofabrication and new material technology, which cannot be achieved with conventional devices and transistors. We are developing silicon-based nanodevices for high-accuracy single-electron transfer and high-sensitivity single-electron detection which enables us to control and understand electronic devise on the single-electron level. These devices will be promising for quantum electrical current standards, ultrasensitive and functional sensors, and low-power circuits. Moreover, new techniques and concepts such as single-electron feedback control and error correction are also explored. We are also trying to develop a variety of new devices and technologies such as silicon/new material hybrid devices, devices utilizing spin/valley states, block copolymer lithography, and organic devices.

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