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Physical Science Laboratory

Superconducting Quantum Physics Research Group

Dr. Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Our group studies measurement of single quantum system and entanglement control of single-photon qubit system using macroscopic quantum state in a superconducting quantum circuit or magnetically trapped neutral atoms. We are trying to demonstrate prototype quantum computation via quantum bus.


Superconducting Quantum Physics Group is a research group in the NTT Basic Research Laboratories in the Division of Physical Science Laboratory. Our group studies quantum physics through artificially designed superconducting circuits or ultracold neutral atoms including Bose-Einstein condensate. The physics of macroscopic quantum phenomena is really fascinating, and at sufficiently low temperatures, quantum mechanical behavior (ODLRO: off-diagonal long range order) emerges with macroscopic numbers of constituents over a scale of mm or more, which we could never observe in the classical world. There, a state of the electrical circuit can be described as a single wavefunction, energy levels are quantized, just like in atoms and molecules. Our research focuses on understanding and controlling the quantum properties such as superconducting quantum circuits, a microwave photon resonator, a nanomechanical resonator, and ultracold neutral atoms in trapping potential, with possible applications toward the quantum computation and novel electronic devices.

  • Dr. Yuichiro Matsuzaki
    Dr. Yuichiro Matsuzaki
  • Dr. Xiaobo Zhu
    Dr. Xiaobo Zhu