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Bio-Medical Informatics Research Center

Dr. Hiroshi Nakashima
Project Manager

Bio-Medical Informatics Research Center (BMC) has a mission to create data-driven medicine using ICT, and was established on July 1, 2019 as a new research organization in which five NTT research laboratories cooperated. BMC promotes basic and applied research such as biocompatible new materials, biosensing technology, medical care and behavioral information analysis technology, and co-innovation with partners. In addition, BMC cooperates with NTT Research Inc., Medical & Health Informatics Laboratories, which is overseas research and development bases, NTT operating companies such as NTT Life Science and the hospitals owned by NTT Group.

Molecular and Bio Science Research Group

Dr. Masumi Yamaguchi
Group Leader
Dr. Masumi Yamaguchi

Membrane proteins such as nuclear and biological molecules of the body-friendly, brain and interface with potential new device concepts Nanobio-device advocated the realization of the research assignments.


Our research group's goal is to produce materials and bionanotechnology-oriented devices by using new concepts in biomolecule functionality and neuronal networks. We employ various techniques such as nano- and mircofabrication of fine structures, chemical synthesis and theoretical calculations. Particularly, we are interested in the dynamics and mechanics of lipidbilayers in microchannels and their applications, electrophysiology of neuronal circuits grown on microelectrode arrays, operation of metallic nano- structures and the assessment of its physical properties, and analysis of proteins on solid surfaces.

  • Dr. Kentaro Tanaka
    Dr. Kentaro Tanaka
  • Dr. Koji Sakai
    Dr. Koji Sakai
  • Dr. Riku Takahashi
    Dr. Riku Takahashi
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