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Physical Science Laboratory

Nanodevices Research Group

Dr. Akira Fujiwara
Group Leader
Dr. Akira Fujiwara

The research target is to realize ultra-low power and high functional devices, high-sensitivity devices, and high-precision devices by utilizing nanometer-scale structures. Currently, we mainly work on single-electron devices and their applications. We also study the physics of material, fabrication process, and device structures for designing nanodevices by using the atomic-scale computer simulation


We are developing devices that can transfer or manipulate electrons one by one utilizing nanometer-scaled silicon transistors. Recently, we have successfully demonstrated the room-temperature operation of single-electron transfer and detection by combining a high-sensitive electrometer with the single-electron transfer device. We are now trying to apply this type of device to low-power and high-functional circuits based on the behavior of single electrons, such as stochastic information processing circuit. We also demonstrated GHz single-electron transfer, which is promising for high-speed and high-precision transfer for metrological application. As a new device concept, we study on charge control using a single dopant atom in nano-transistors. We have recently observed the single-electron transport via a single atom. As for the computer-simulation study, we have been clarifying the mechanism of thermal oxidation of silicon, and the properties of the ultla-thin silicon inversion layer.


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