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Research Center for Theoretical Quantum Physics

Dr. William J. Munro
Project Manager

Dr. William J. Munro

The center for theoretical quantum physics (TQP) was established in July 2017 to bring like-minded researchers from across NTT together to pursue cutting edge research in this area. It has long been known that the twentieth century saw the discovery of quantum mechanics, a set of principles that explains the nature of matter and light at the atomic level and is now at the heart of modern technology. Our centers aim is the theoretical exploration of these principles in the following areas:
- Quantum information science including algorithms, metrology, communication and computation
- Hybrid quantum systems, strongly correlated systems, condensed matter system and superconducting systems.
- Foundational aspects of quantum physics

  • Dr. Yanbao Zhang
    Dr. Yanbao Zhang
  • Dr. Yuuki Tokunaga
    Dr. Yuuki Tokunaga
  • Dr. Victor Bastidas
    Dr. Victor Bastidas
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