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Latest Topics

Long-term functional measurements from modular 3D neuronal networks using rolled-up 3D electrode array
Light-driven on-chip actuator capable of mimicking the motion of biological organs
Successful fabrication of microfluidic devices using 3D hydrogel thin film structures
Wearable Acoustic Sensor Array System Featuring Remote Transmission of Body Sounds
Joint Research Begins with University of Tokyo Hospital on Preventing Nursing Care using Large-scale Population-based Cohort Data
Reconstitution of a functional neural network using a nanoscale thin-film-based 3D template
A new method for the artificial assembly of micro-scale biological tissues
Launch of the 「Flying without crying for babies」 Project
First in Japan Joint Demonstration of "hitoe" to Measure Racing Car Driver Biological Data at the 2017 All Japan Super Formula Championship
Train the Brain to Win — Sports Brain Science Project
Wearable Monitoring System: first demonstration of wearable biosensor "hitoe" in medical rehab facility
Deployment of Medical Applications for "hitoe": Functional Material for Measuring Biomedical Signals
Electrocardiography is achieved simply by wearing a piece of clothing that has textile electrodes combined with conductive polymer
Success in time-lapse imaging of conformational changes in a single receptor protein
Laser action driven by electrochemiluminescence